Henergysolar's customer service center


       Customer service center for the clients after-sales technical consultation  and service full-time institutions. Service center owns a perfect technical  support service system and service process, also have a technology exquisite,  well-trained professional technology support engineer and service team, we  provide customers with quick, warm and thoughtful, careful service. 

      Customer service for customer service center provides various services  support ways, including online, telephone, field, E-mail and remote support  services, for the oath in the shortest time response customer needs. In the  customers have a problem, we support through various ways to support the  customer, until completely solve the problem.Also in the service center of the  internal problems on record, in order to further improve service quality and  expand service scope to prepare. 

       We sincerely hope the customer service center can provide effective  technical support service, may it with you the enterprise the vigorous  development and growth. 

       Our slogan is: Use our services, Create your value!

    Mr.Bai:Mechanical and electrical engineering master degree, long engaged in the semiconductor and solar equipment research and development, the transformation and the maintenance work. 。
   Mr.Boris:Dr semiconductor professional, technical director, pv testing equipment authoritative experts.
   Mr.alex:Senior foreign experts, has more than 20 years of the semiconductor and solar industry technology experience.
   Mr.Zhao:Equipment maintenance engineer, with many years of professional pv equipment maintenance, debugging experience.
   Mr.Dennis:Photovoltaic engineer, participated in pv testing equipment research and development and the document compilation.
   Mr.Arkady:Mechanical and electrical engineer, with more than 20 years pv equipment development, maintenance experience, the specialty is engaged in the ShaoZi life equipment research and development.


Henergysolar for your pv testing equipment to provide fast, low cost of maintenance service!


Import equipment difficult to repair, replace the high costs of spare parts, cycle is long,

 and you had a similar problem?



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