Stakeholder Communication


Through the negotiation and communication, enhance the stakeholder participation


Will stakeholder expectations into our operation activities


Strengthen customer perception management, continue to enhance customer satisfaction


As Henergysolar strategic new key areas, we will stakeholder communication as the key factors all operations. We are committed to with internal and external stakeholder maintain a positive interaction, in order to understand their point of view, and the questions into our business strategy and operations.


Customer communication

Henergysolar years the company has been insisting on customer orientation, work hard to realize products of good quality and good service, lower operating costs, give priority to customer demand, improve customer competitiveness and profitability, and gradually established in the global scope of the systematic operation customer satisfaction management system.


Henergysolar actively participate in building and maintaining the company and the client of the relationship between cooperation and mutual benefit, established the level of organization and directly to the customer communication channels, and actively listen to customer voice, understand customers' needs.


Through years of unremitting efforts, henergysolar in corporate social responsibility and product safety aspects of great customer complaints didn't happen, henergysolar customer satisfaction in continued ascension, more and more customers for henergysolar said recognition, and will henergysolar as its strategic cooperation partners.


Staff communication

Henergysolar and staff have unimpeded formal and informal channels of communication. Employees can direct supervisor to the Suggestions and opinions, also can be in accordance with the company's open policy, and more on the level of leadership to communicate.


Henergysolar through the layered classification of the employees in time to listen to accept complaints channel the voice of the employees, through the unified handling complaint mechanism to response and solve employee complaints, in the first time to fair and rational staff to deal with complaints. In addition, henergysolar continue to keep and maintain a variety of regular and not regular internal communication channels.

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