Year 2012

January 2012,HenergySolar input 2nd CI system.

In March 2012,HenergySolar audited 14 semiconductor and sapphire material standards
In April 2012,HenergySolar participate in 1st Photovoltaic Procurement Festival
In June 2012, HenergySolar audited 13 semiconductor and photovoltaic standards

Year 2011
HenergySolar Jiangxi office was established in June 2011
In September 2011, HenergySolar launched the world's most advanced MWR-2S-3I minority carrier lifetime tester, the instrument can detect at the minority carrier lifetime, it also can detect the silicon block microcrystalline cracked defects  and so on.
In Octomber 2011,HenerygSolar and PET reached a strategic cooperation

In Octomber 2011,HenergySolar sales headquarters moved to Shanghai
In Octomber 2011, HenergySolar release higher purity silicon nitride.
In November 2011,HenergySolar become vice-chairman company of China Small-Middle PV Enterprice Development Assocation。
In November 2011,HenergySolar release the PL photoluminescence system for ingot,wafer and solar cell.

Year 2010
In January 2010, HenergySolar released several  non-contact instruments of the latest products for minority carrier lifetime, infrared  detection system, resistivity, thickness, curvature etc.
In September 2010, HenergySolar Silicon Materials Laboratory was established, which can provide a full range of dectection and calibration services for  the polysilicon, monocrystalline silicon ingot, polysilicon block, silicon wafer.
In September 2010,HenergySolar release laser and spectroscopic ellipsmeter.
In December 2010, HenergySolar New Energy Technology R & D Institute was established

Year 2009
In March 2009, HenergySolar release several instruments for type and resistivity
In Augest 2009,HenerygSolar and STV reached a strategic cooperation
In Octomber 2009,HenergySolar won six copyright patents.


Year 2008
July 2008,HenergySolar input the CI system
Augest 2008,HenergySolar come to Tongzhou Industry District in Beijing
In December 2008, HenergySolar released several process consumables 

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