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Without a doubt, the instrument replacement has cycle is short, the advantages of simple procedure, to provide enterprises with many convenient. In order to better protect their interests, experts see the instrument note:
1,  the instrument price: in before replacement might as well some reference price evaluation, both neither can be too low estimate their instruments price, more cannot be overestimated.
2,  master new instrument benefit: not only to understand the instrument price, but must understand the replacement of new instruments for price.
3,  in an old see the new: in the know the actual instrument purchase price, they can consult old instrument to consider the new purchase price of the ideal instrument discount rate. Generally speaking, the new instruments in replacement buy old instrument, old instrument purchase price will be slightly lower than the direct purchase. But don't worry, be sure to look again at the new instrument favourable extent. If the new instrument price discount rate not the desired degree, also can be in the old instrument with dealers to negotiate. Generally speaking, the replacement of the new instrument in the discount rate negotiable is not big, but old instrument price adjustment to room or some, instrument in the Lord to do some articles.
4,  the procedure as heavy: either directly or replacement new instrument selling instrument, equipment procedures are all very important. After clinching a deal in the official register of stage, instrument may be required to provide the distributor after transfering trading ticket copy, copy of registration certificate.
5,  loan displacement: if old instrument loans has not pay off, the dealer paid to pay off the mortgage can be made, and included in the new instrument pay money. In addition, new instruments can also be payment by installment.

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