Fair Operations


In business operations, ensure compliance to fair and ethical regulations and standards


Abide by the intellectual property laws and regulations


Henergysolar set up a moral to comply with the organization, strengthen the law to each employee, honesty and moral education, continue to build good moral follow environment, let employees in thought to abide by laws and regulations and the company's moral to comply with the requirements, the establishment of a "point, line, field" regulatory, ensuring that the business operation of the implementation of the fair and ethical behavior. In the production of products and services and in use process, to ensure that abide by the intellectual property regulation, and friendly business common development, both competitors and partners, create a good living space.


We believe that through the moral behavior should be the business activities, and will be the main risk defined as bribery, corruption and violation of intellectual property rights and so on, any violation operation actions to fair company produce negative influence. Therefore, the whole can initiate relevant procedures have eyes, will prevent glance bribes and anti-corruption mechanism into of business. And close to the sun related intellectual property risk, mainly relating to protect their intellectual property rights and respect for other company intellectual property rights, and continue to ensure that can carry out with sunshine conforms to the global intellectual property laws and regulations.


Henergysolar staff commercial code of conduct

The henergysolar employee business behavior guidelines is all close to the sun must abide by the general staff business practices. Henergysolar company has happened in the case and companies face globalization environment for employees after should follow in commercial behavior which specification in-depth discussions, discuss the results formed close to the sun staff commercial code of conduct. This rule is to help us follow the law and the morals standard guidance norms.


Henergysolar will the employee business code of conduct "into the new hires will learn and will be one of the documents signed by each year, with all the staff routine organization learning specific jobs, and online examination and agreement signed.


Anti-corruption and against commercial bribery

Henergysolar think, commercial bribery and corruption serious damage legal system, endanger free and fair competition, to the social, economic and development of enterprises has a very bad effects.


Henergysolar believe that building efficient, transparent against commercial bribery crime prevention and control mechanism, will help win partners and the trust of customers, so as to the sustainable development of the henergysolar provide effective protection. Henergysolar for commercial bribery a "zero tolerance" attitude. Henergysolar will abide by business ethics, uphold the integrity of management, and take effective system and measures against and prevention of bribery and other corruption. Henergysolar stressed that, employees involved in the business competition, not only to active and effective, more to be legal and in line with commercial ethics. Henergysolar employee business code of conduct and related legal documents:

 Henergysolar employees may not provide or accept more than the gift of general value and commercial entertainment

 Banned employees in commercial activities take bribery such unfair means

 Ask staff in commercial activities comply with laws and regulations, the government of the relevant requirement of business transactions



Henergysolar always abide by business ethics, work to abide by international standards, advocating fair competition. The company calls for its employees to participate in market competition in when both legal, in accordance with the business ethics.


Child labor

Henergysolar abide by the relevant laws and regulations, and clearly prohibited the use of child labor. In the recruitment, employment, and other important link has complete program, in accordance with the provisions of the management staff always employment, from the concrete implementation to eliminate the use of child labor phenomenon. Henergysolar operation using child labor case never appear.


Forced labor

Henergysolar abide by the relevant laws and regulations, and specifically prohibits use force, the proposal or contract workers. In the enterprise recruitment, employment, and other important link to leave on a detailed and reasonable regulation, from the concrete implementation to eliminate the use of forced labor phenomenon. Henergysolar operations has never had forced labor's case.


Intellectual property

Henergysolar take own intellectual property rights, and actively accumulated in the core areas. Henergysolar insist for a long time not less than 10% a year sales income of r&d investment, and insisted on r&d input of 10% will be used for pre-study, standard and patent work, the new technology, new areas of research and continuous tracking. We implement standard patent strategy, and actively participate in the international standards.


Henergysolar respect others intellectual property, always with open, positive and friendly attitude, keep and use the international intellectual property rules, through the talks, cross licensing, product cooperation and so on the many kinds of ways to solve problems of intellectual property. At the same time for malicious intellectual property infringement, henergysolar will through the legal weapon to protect their own rights and interests.

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