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Product Brief

Sapphire/SIC wafer flatness and surface appearance system provide a previous surface flatness testing solution, though non-contract lighting testing to record the whole information of the surface, rapid and fast measurement for various of surfaces, line and all kinds of surface information.


Product Feature:

  Non contract and non damage testing.

  For all kinds of material: semiconductor, metal, glasses…..

  For all kinds of wafers: Sapphire, Sic, GaAs,SiO2,Ge, LiNbO3

  For all kinds of surfaces: Abrasive surface, Polished, Ultra-smooth surface

  can test several informations:Thickness,TTV,SORI,LTV,LDOF,Pressure,BOW,Curve,Flatness,

planeness,line Contours,surface contours

  Wholly analyze system,for all kinds of surface.

  Automatic,Rapid,accuracy and stable.

  Over 15 years for industry and over hundreds application.


Technical Information:

  Accuracy: 50nm 2.0μ″)

  Repeatable: 15 nm0.6μ″)(1 sigma

  Resolution: 5nm 0.2μ″)

  Sample size: 25mm-200mm

  Number of testing points: 230,000 / measurement

  Testing time: 5s

  Power supply: 220V  50Hz   



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