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Product introduction:

       SQM-500 Surface quality Measurement system is used for the surface cleanness testing and analyze of sample.

       SQM provide a quantitative analysis of the cleanness of the surface, which was the first announced by us. The system can be used to non-contract detect the contamination of the surface  and provide an accurate result immediately. The result can provide a powerful and real data for analyze, which is the insurance for the quality.


Product features:

all kinds of surfaces: si, Sapphire/SIC/

kinds of contaminations: organic or metal

provide a quantitative analysis of cleanness

can provide a degree of cleanness

measurement the thickness of the thin film

non-contract and non damage

online and offline(options)

the accuracy can be 10nm




Honeywell; IBM; Alcan; 3M; A.O. Smith; AMT; Allied Signal; Alcon laboratories; AT&T; BMI; Boeing; Dupont; ESCA; Energy Conversion Devices; Faith Tool & Die Co.; Fel-Pro; FMC; H.C. STARCK; Holonix; KOMAG; Materials Research Corp.; Micro Switch; SONY

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