We need to inspect the block and test the lifetime ,we must check the NIR machine and lifetime test machine whether they can normal  work in time.


    Why we must do the Verification work?


    The purpose we Verificate the block inspection machine is to confirm the machine’s run state,find and resolve the problems,and than we can ensure that block inspection machine can find defects such as Hard spots,Hidden crack .


    Verificate the machine of testing lifetime is to confirm the accuracy of the measurement results,reference block can make up for the lack of the easy broken of the reference wafer,and it is the most suitable for the Verificate the lifetime test machine which test the polycrystalline silicon block.


    Because the lifetime of surface can decay with time growth,so every Lifetime Reference Wafer has its validity,we must re-Verificate them on time, the Cycle is commonly 5 months.



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