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    The Solar Reference cell from PET is designed for calibrating the irradiance of the solar simulators used for testing solar cells or panels. They can also be used (with supporting equipment) to measure the temporal stability and/or non-uniformity of the light beam of solar simulators.


Product description:


■  Solar Reference Cell consists of a 20mm x 20mm Monocrystalline Silicon Photovoltaic Cell

■  Encased in a rugged metal enclosure

■  Protective Quartz Window

■  Embedded Temperature Sensor (100 Ω Platinum Resistance Temperature Detector)

■  Certificate of calibration

■  Certified parameters: Isc, Imax, Voc, Vmax, Pmax, Area, Fill Factor (FF) and Efficiency.  

■  Certification is traceable to National Renewable Energy Laboratory (NREL).  

■  Compatible set of connecting cables with four 4-point measurements of both current and temperature.


Product specifications:


■  Photovoltaic Material: Monocrystalline Silicon

■  Photovoltaic Device Dimensions: 20mm x 20mm

■  Calibration Irradiance: 1000 W/m2 (1 Sun)

■  Operating Current: Less than 175mA

■  Operating Temperature: 10OC to 30OC

■  Enclosure Material: Anodized Aluminum

■  Enclosure Dimensions: 89mm x 70mm x 19mm

■  Mounting Hole Pattern: 62mm x 62mm, Compatible with WPVS reference cell guidelines

■  Window Material: Quartz (other window material optional)

■  Temperature Sensor: 100 Ω Pt. RTD (Type K thermocouple optional)

■  Connectors (Current & Temperature)  LEMO ERA.0S.304.CLT

■  Cable Set:  Compatible with LEMO Plug

                      Banana Plugs on the other end of cables

                      4-point measurements


Typical customers:


    The United States, Japan, South Korea, Taiwan, China, Singapore, Germany, Russia, Europe and so on many countries solar customers.


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