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    Oxygen-Carbon Content reference wafer is used for correcting the Fourier infrared spectrometer,to Eliminate the system Deviation , Effective to solve the problems created by customers using different standards of the s,different coefficient and different unit.. The material is FZ monocrystalline silicon which has the stable chemical properties ,the setting value,the uniformity and the stability of the material have been strictly test.


    There are four types  bellowing:


    High Oxygen Wafer(Commonly known as High Oxygen and High Carbon wafer):the value of Oxygen content :13.197*10E17atom/cmE-3, uncertainty 3.01,final value: 13.197*10E17+ -0.40atom/cmE-3


    Normal Oxygen Wafer(Commonly known as Normal Oxygen and normal carbon wafer):the value of Oxygen content : 11.247*10E17atom/cmE-3, uncertainty 2.42,final value: 11.247*10E17+ -0.27atom/cmE-3


    Low Oxygen Wafer(Commonly known as Low Oxygen Low Carbon wafer):the value of Oxygen content : 9.135*10E17atom/cmE-3, uncertainty 3.08,final value: 9.135*10E17+ -0.28atom/cmE-3


    None Oxygen(Commonly known as None Oxygen and None Carbon wafer)  :the value of this wafer is lower than the machine can measurement.


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