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       It used for measuring resistivity of silicon rods and wafers, and sheet resistance of diffused layers, epitaxial layers, LTO conductive films and conductive rubbers, etc.
       To reduce the size, only one digital meter is used to measure the measuring current as well as resistivity. The measuring current is supplied by a high precision constant current supply, and can be calibrated in any time to ensure the accuracy of resistivity test. Therefore, the Meter can be used not only to sort raw materials but also to measure normal products. Standard specimens with resistivity in the range 1-100W·cm were tested with MPRT-5 Meter, the test error did not exceed ±3%. So,MPRT-5 fulfils the requirements of national 1A class equipments.


Product Features:
Metal Probe, High Precise, High Stability

Apply to Poly-silicon manufactures with Chemical methods.
Apply to Poly-silicon manufactures with Physical methods.

Apply to both crystal and ingot manufactures and IC manufactures.

capable of against magnetic field and high frequency interfere.


Technical Features:

Resistivity: 0.01199.9Ω·cm
ingots Resistivigy: 0.1
DC digital voltmeter    Range: 0 to 199.9mv

Sensitivity 100mv

Precision: 0.1%(±2 digits)

Power Suppl: AC 220V ± 10%, 50HZ
Power consumption: ≤10W, average power consumption≈ 8W


Typical customer:

Poly-Silicon, Crystal, Ingots and Wafer manufactures in all around the main land.

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