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Products Brief:

       Manual, non-contact measurement of wafer thickness, TTV and bow. Portable and easy to set-up, the Proforma 300/G measures all wafer materials including Silicon, Gallium-Arsenide, Indium-Phosphide and wafers mounted to sapphire or tape.

Product's Feature:

>Non-contact Measurements.
>Can be used on all wafer materials including: Silicon,Gallium-Arsenide,Indium Phosphide,Germanium.
>Thickness and TTV values are obtained by placing the wafer between non-contact capacitance probes.
>Thickness and TTV values are indicated on the high resolution LCD display.
>Provides High Performance at Low Cost.
>Menu-driven for Fast, Easy Setup.
>High-resolution LCD Display.
>RS-232 Output Port to PC.
>Parallel Port for Printer.
>Portable and Easy to Set Up
>provides the user precise non-contact measurements at critical points throughout the wafer manufacturing process.
>On-board Microprocessor for Accurate, Repeatable Measurements.
>Teflon Wafer Stage for Easy, Non-abrasive Positioning.

Technique Specification:

>Wafer Sizes: 50mm-300mm.

>Measurement Range: 1mm standard [1.7 mm Extended]
>Thickness Accuracy: +/-0.25um
>Repeatability: 0.050um

>TTV Accuracy: +/-0.05um
>Repeatability: 0.050um

>Bow Range: +/-500um [+/-850um]
>Accuracy :+/-2.0um
>Repeatability: 0.750um

>Material:Silicon,Gallium-Arsenide,Indium Phosphide,Germanium.

>Surfaces: As-cut, Lapped, Etched, Polished, Patterned.

>Flat/Notch: All SEMI Standard Flat(s) or Notch.

>Conductivity: P or N Type.

>Wafer mounting: Bare Wafer, Sapphire/Quartz Base, Tape.

>Continuous and 5-point Measurement.



1)Good for analysing carbon and oxygen elements in multi-crystalline silicon and mono-crystalline silicon.

2)High Stability:

l  Unique cube-corner Michelson interferometer features not only small size and compact structure but also higher stability and less sensitive to vibrations and thermal variations compared with conventional Michelson interferometer.

l  Outside IR source design with easy replacement provides higher thermal stability. Stable interference is obtained without the need of dynamic adjustment.

l  High intensity IR source adopts a reflex sphere to obtain even and stable IR radiation.

3) High Accuracy and Reliability:

l  The application of programmable gain amplifier, high accuracy A/D converter and embedded computer improves the accuracy and reliability of the whole system.

l  Fully sealed damp and dust-proof interferometer, adopting high performance, long lifetime sealing material and desiccator, ensures higher adaptability to the environment and increases accuracy and reliability in operation

l  High accuracy gold coated optics with less energy losses realize maximum energy efficiency and increase energy output.

4) Practical Analytical Software:

l  Compatible PC control with user friendly, rich function software enables easy, convenient and flexible operation. Spectrum collect, spectrum conversion, spectrum collect, spectrum conversion, spectrum processing, spectrum analyzing, and spectrum output function etc. can be performed

l  The spectrometer connects to PC via a USB port for automatic control and data communication, fully realizing plug-and-play and raising the software flexibility

l  An optional external beam allows access to the widest variety of high sensitive peripheral sampling system, such as GC/IR interface and FTIR microscope.

l  Various special IR libraries are available for routine search. Users can also add and maintain the libraries or set up new libraries by themselves


l  Special silicon plate holder

l  Automatic, fast and accurate measurement of oxygen and carbon in silicon crystal

l  Lower detection limit: 1.0×10-6cm-3 (at room temperature)

l  Silicon plate thickness:0.1-3.5nm



Spectral Range:  7800 to 400cm-1

Resolution:  Better than 0.5cm-1  

Wavenumber Precision:  ±0.01cm-1

Scanning speed: 0.2-2.5 cm-1/s, automatically optimized for detector type or manually adjustable  for specific applications 

Signal to Noise Ratio: Better than 15000:1 (RMS value, at 2100cm-1-  2000cm-1 or 2100cm-1-   2200cm-1, resolution: 4cm-1, detector: DTGS, 32times date collection)

Beam Splitter:  Ge coated KBr

Infrared Source:  External, air-cooled, high efficiency Reflex Sphere module

Detector: DTGS(Deuterated Triglycine Sulfate Detector), MCT(Mercury Cadmium Telluride) (optional)

Date System:  Compatible computer

Software:  FT-IR software contains all routines needed for basic spectrometer of operations

IR Library:  11 IR libraries including

Dimensions: 63×52×24cm

Power:  AC:220V/50HZ, 1000VA

Weight: 20kg


Main Customers:

Suntech,Solargiga,JASOLAR,ErMei739,HuanOu,Tianyuan and so on.

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