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Product Introduction:

       The Silicon Phosphor and Boron Analyze system HS-ICP-MS is the best system to measure the element like P&B in silicon material, the HS-ICP-MS can detect and analyze over 75 elements.


Product Features:

Integral, 1600W, solid-state crystal controlled 27MHz ICP generator.

Accessible, open architecture sample introduction system using an ambient temperature, glass, impact bead spray chamber and concentric glass nebulizer.

Computer controlled adjustment of the single piece, self-locating torch in the x, y and z planes.

Multi-channel, PC controlled, integral peristaltic pump.

Computer controlled mass flow controllers on all plasma gas lines (nebulizer, auxiliary and coolant).

Unique Protective Ion Extraction, lens system, providing high ion transmission and ultra low backgrounds.

High performance off-axis quadrupole analyser providing excellent transmission and abundance sensitivity across the full mass range 2-255amu.

PC controlled, switchable, quadrupole resolution settings.

Unique, 3-stage, vacuum design comprising of a single rotary pump and a single high performance, split-flow turbo pump.

' Plug & Play' AutoRange Plus, discrete dynode electron multiplier detector providing greater than 8 orders of dynamic range via simultaneous analogue/pulse counting detection.

PC with Windows Professional, 17” TFT Flat Screen monitor, keyboard and mouse (requires a printer).

PlasmaLabTM Version 2.X Windows software provides seamless control of the X Series 2 ICP-MS and accessories featuring PlasmaLab Intelligently Controlled Operations (PICO) Technology.

TechConnectTM remote support and diagnostics software.

Xt Interface technology providing exceptional matrix tolerance, extended dynamic range at low mass and low polyatomic ion formation.

PlasmaScreen Plus screened ICP torch provides low ion energy spread and high signal/background.

Xs Nickel Interface Kit. Includes nickel Xs skimmer cone and cone tool.

Nicel sample cone for Xt or Xs interface

Water Chiller (50Hz)

Platinum Tipped Sample Cone for Xt or Xs interfaces (Pack of 1).

Xs Platinum Interface Kit includes Pt tipped Xs skimmer cone and cone tool. Requires Pt tipped sample cone (3601289). For use in High Purity applications where ultra trace analysis is required. Required for guaranteed cool plasma specifications.

Peltier, temperature controller for the spray chamber. Enables precise control of the spray chamber temperature to eliminate any drift due to fluctuations in the laboratory conditions outside.

Automated 3rd Generation Collision Cell Technology (CCTED) Option  – Using two computer-controlled mass flow controllers, a combination of any two gases can automatically be introduced into the collision cell to selectively reduce molecular interferences. The ability to utilize Kinetic Energy Discrimination to reduce potential interferences from cell reaction bi-products is a standard feature. The PlasmaLab software will allow automatic optimization of the CCT gas flow via the unique Autotune or Instrument Setup Sample that can be included in every experiment.  Switching between CCT and non-CCT operation is fully automatic and is possible within a sample acquisition.

This product is protected under various US and international patents, including one or more of the following US patents:  US4760253, US5051584, US5352893, US5514868, US5572024.    

Additional Gas Kit  – includes a 0-500ml/min computer controlled; mass flow controller and tubing necessary for addition of a 4th gas stream. Can be used to provide a make up gas with low flow nebulizers or a second gas for mixed plasma applications. 


Technical Information:

Accuracy: ppt

Sample Analyze: Over 75 elements, including Phosphor and Boron

liner dynamic range: 108



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