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       HS-PSTT  large Range Type Tester is a high-grade semiconductor material Type testing equipment,has the feature that testing large range,special suitable for testing the high-Resistivity Silicon Material(contains Silicon Core, phosphorus stick, Boron stick and so on),the resistivity require range is 0.0001~19999Ω·cm, Covers all measurement requirements of various silicon material type testing at the semiconductor and solar energy level at present .


Product’s Feasure:

Suitable for the polycrystalline enterprises use the Production processes such as Siemens method, silane method

Suitable for the polycrystalline enterprises use the Production process of Physical purification

Suitable for PV sz or polysilicon ingot production  and semiconductor production enterprises   

Suitable for scientific research institutes , academy and the enterprises who need to test big range of the type of silicon&germanium

Large Range Testing,Resistivity required of Silicon 0.0001~19999Ω·cm

Can test the type of Germanium,,Resistivity requirements is 0.0001~1000Ω·cm

Can test the type of almost of the intrinsic semiconductors materials,from high-Resistivity monocrystal to Heavy-Doped monocrystal

Two method of showing Instrument pointer and LCD digital ensure that Tester can success to test the Materal type

Both needle and digital display,essuance the right result

Hot and cold probe

Has good stability, compact structure, convenient using, etc

Imported components, with greater safety coefficient, greatly improving the reliability of the instrument and service life

Has the performance of Resisting the strong magnetic field and high frequency equipment


The recommended operating conditions:


Without a strong electric field interference, the power supply isolation filtering, no strong light direct illuminate


Technique Specification:

Range of Silicon Resistivity requirements:10-4~104Ω·cm

Range of Germanium Resistivity requirements:10‑4~103Ω·cm

Size of  Silicon/Germanium monocrystal :unlimited

Power Supply:AC 220V±10%,50HZ



Typical Customers:
PV sz or polysilicon ingot production enterprises in JiangSu,Zhejiang,GuangDong,HuBei,HuNan,NeiMengGu and HeNan.

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