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Product Brief:

       HS-POSRT polysilicon resistivity tester is an advanced resistivity tester, it has features of wide resistivity measuring range, high testing accuracy, high stability, swift body and easy operation. It is a good friend to Siemens polysilicon material producer,SH4 polysilicon material producer, UMG polysilicon material poroducer and so on.

Product’s feature:

Application field:

  -Siemens polysilicon material producer,SH4 polysilicon material producer and so on

 - UMG polysilicon material poroducer

 - PV and IC ingot producer

 - University & Institude, R&D branch and so on

High accuracy, besides thickness correction,it alao has temperature correction and diameter correction .

There are two digital meters in the Meter, one is used to display the results, the other is used to monitor the variation of the current in whole process.

It has very Strong search and print functions.

When the resistivity test system is connected to the Meter, the corrections for thickness, diameter and probe spacing can be carried out automatically in wafer measurement, and the resistivity, the maximum and average percentage radial variation of resistivity, the radial homogeneity of resistivity will be calculated and printed out automatically.

Low-drift four-point probe’s drift is 0.1-0.2%, so the repeatability and accuracy of resistivity measurement can be guaranteed.

Adopt Germen and Japanese components and parts, improve reliability and lifetime greatly.

Constant current source(0.05%)  is very stable without temperature effect.

Both of forward and reverse testing function to guarantee the accuracy of testing result.
Resistant to strong magnetic field and high frequency equipment.

Work condition:

No strong magnetic field, far away from high frequency equipment.

Technique Specification:

Resistivity Range:10-5 —1.9×105Ω•cm

Error area:<3%

Power Supply :AC  220V±10%    50/60 Hz    12W

Typical Customer:

Our customer come from Beijing,Zhejiang,Sichuan,Hebei,HeNan and so on.

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