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Conductivity Type Tester :HS-HCTT

       It is strictly designed according to the requirements of the hot-probe thermal EMF conductivity type test  in standard ASTM F42: Standard Test Methods for Conductivity Type of Extrinsic Semiconductor Materials.

       A temperature controlling heating element is installed inside the hot probe so that the hot probe is heated automatically and its temperature is maintained in the range 40-60℃. The sign of thermal emf generated between the two probes is amplified by the integrated computing amplifier, the result is displayed on the liquid crystal display in the form of letter N or P directly.


Product Features:
P/N Type:According to Hot&Cool Probe principle, precisely measure and display the type.
Apply to all the poly-silicon manufactures with chemical methods.

Apply to all the poly-silicon manufactures with physical methods.
Apply to both crystal and ingot manufactures and IC manufactures.

Technical Features:

Resistivity range of the materials when dependable results are expected to be given:

                   Germanium:  near intrinsic≤103 W×cm.

                   Silicon:  ≤103 W×cm.

The tested silicon or germanium materials can be of any shape and size.

Probe material: For the silicon Conductivity Type Tester, the probes are made of stainless steel.

That is recommended in standard ASTM F42. The probes end in 60o cone. For the germanium.

Conductivity Type Tester, the probes are made of lead.

Power supply:  AC 220V, 50Hz, 30W.

Dimensions:  210width´100height´230(mm)

Weight:  3kg

Typical Clients:
Poly-Silicon、Crystal、Ingots and Wafer manufactures in all around the main land.

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