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Product Brief:
       HS-CLT Minority Carrier Lifetime Tester has strong functions. It can not only measure carrier lifetime of wafer but also silicon ingot, silicon filament,silicon phosphorus ingot,silicon boron ingot, seed crystal and other irregular shape silicon material.The minority carrier testing ranges from 1μs to 20000μs, the minimum resistivity is 0.1Ω.cm, (can be extensive to 0.01Ω.cm). Dynamic curve monitoring in the whole process. It can observe the defects including trap effect and Compound effect of surface.It is a good friend to help testing carrier lifetime of polysilicon materials,PV and IC industry.
Product’s feature:
Wide adaptable Range:It can be used to test the lifetime of multicrystalline silicon block,single crystalline silicon ingot,silicon filament,silicon phosphorus ingot,silicon boron ingot,seed crystal.wafer ,Ge and so on.
APPLICATIONS:Material quality control, inspection of incoming materials, monitor the pollution and defects in production flow.
Min. Resistivity:0.1Ω.cm(can be extensive to 0.01Ω.cm),avoid the weakness that u-PCD can’t test low resistivity silicon material.
Dynamic curve monitoring in the whole process. It can observe trap effect and Compound effect of surface which cannot be tested by u-OCD.
High penetration rate, which can achieve to 500 microns. Comparing with u-PCD which can only achieve to 30 microns, it can test the lifetime of carrier with more accuracy ,and avoid the interference effect of the surface carrier.
Sample support can be ordered in special requirement by customers, so as to fullfile various inspection requirement, like silicon filament, silicon phosphorus ingot,silicon boron ingot and so on.
High Cost-effective price, much lower than the other minority carrier lifetime Tester, greatly reduce cost of carrier lifetime test.
  Excellent quality, the warrantee period of main device is 12 month.
Work condition:
No strong magnetic field influence, far away from high frequency equipment.
Technique Specification:
Material:Si Ge
Carrier Lifetime Range:1μs-20000μs
Min. Resistivity:0.1Ω.cm
Laser Wave:904-905nm

Laser Wave depth:30μm
Work Frequency:30MHz
Power Supply :~220V  50Hz    <50W
Typical Customer:
Our customer come from Beijing,Zhejiang,Sichuan,Hebei,HeNan and so on.

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