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       It use Four Probe to test the resistivity and P/N type of wafers、ingots and all type of silicon materials.It can be used by Solar and Semiconductor industry.

Product Feasures:
Test the resistivity and the P/N type at the same time。
Power supply is 220V AC
Highly precise of resistivity which can be 0.001 Ω.cm
Can determine the material which resistivity ≥0.002
Independent warning of P/N and Heavy doping, Big scale and fast select the silicon material
Very small which can be portable
Easy to operate , fast to test
Low price

Technical Feasures:
Power supply: AC 220V ± 10% , 50HZ
Power consumption:Max ≤1W

Typical Customer:
Poly-Silicon、Crystal、Ingots and Wafer manufactures in all around the main land.

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