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Product Brief:
       We are honored to offer contactless lifetime measuring and mapping device for non equilibrium carrier lifetime inspection at silicon mono and multicrystalline ingots with simultaneous IR scanning of cracks and inclusions detection.                                                                                 
       Lifetime determination is based on measuring photoconductivity decay after pulse light photo-exciting with usage of reflected microwave as probe.Simultaneous IR light transmission gives possibility to detect any inhomogenity insidesilicon brick and made 3D image of defects.
       After mapping user can have both maps:lifetime and IR transmission on the PC monitor. To make 3D IR transmission detection it is necessary to run at least 2 faces of brick.
       Device can be installed to automatic control line with possibility to transfer data in central QC system.
Work condition:
No strong magnetic field influence, far away from high frequency equipment.
Typical Customer:
Our customer come from Europe,America,Asia and so on.

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